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 So, our tentative moving date is creeping up slowly, but surely. We've got 3 months until we are supposed to move and we don't have nearly enough saved up to do so. My husband is trying to find a job, but is having a very hard time with that. In order to move, we need enough money for the uhaul, gas, 1st months rent and deposit, hotels and food while traveling, and hopefully a little cushion so we won't be completely broke when we get there.  So far, we have barely enough for the uhaul. I am stressing because with my income alone we are not able to save anything!! And if we can't save enough money, we can't move when we want to. Life is stressful! I just wish that money wasn't an issue in life, but we do live in America, so unless I suddenly become famous, I don't think that issue is going away any time soon!