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Update on Life
There are a few things that have changed in life since the last time I wrote:
1. My husband got a job finally!! It's not very many hours, but it's enough to put aside for moving! 
2. I quit my job yesterday. This job was the worst job I have EVER had!! I would literally come home and cry about work. I even went into the          bathroom at work and cried about it(more than once). It was terrible. So, after being offered a position elsewhere, I went into work yesterday and  quit. It was the greatest feeling I've felt in a while. 
3.  Our moving date is quickly approaching! The date is set for January 3rd and I could not be more excited! 

So, that's my life right now! We have to purchase a truck/SUV before our move, then we'll be moving and then we need to find jobs! So many big things going on in our lives and it is such an adventure! 


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