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 Everything is great! I finally married the love of my life, and married life is great! (It's exactly how it was before but now I have a new last name! WooHoo!) We FINALLY got our own place again, so that is really, really nice! Our honeymoon was great, although Kauai wasn't what my husband was expecting-he was a little disappointed that there wasn't much to do there, so next time we go on a tropical vaca we'll probably go to the caribbean or Mexico. I started my new job last month and it's going well. I'm getting more and more excited about our big move to Colorado! The closer we get, the more excited I'm getting! (Even though we still have a while to go). I can't wait! That's the update on my life! Maybe I'll come back to write later, even though I'm pretty sure nobody reads this blog anyway! But to those of you that do-Have a good day! :-)


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